Deep Ecology of the Feminine

" Path of the Goddess"

October 17-24,2020

Willka Tika Eco-Luxury Retreat



And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin


What does it mean?  


“Deep Ecology of the Feminine” is the embodied experience of aligning our own internal rhythms and cycles with that of nature to harness the innate potency available to each of us.  


Through nourishing our own internal ecology, we can create optimal health and vitality. 


By opening to the mystery of our symbolic inner world we can create more harmony for ourselves, our family and our planet.


Why you, why us, why now? 


If you are, or have been suffering in our fragmented culture with symptoms such as  isolation, insularity, deep loneliness, addictions, obsessions and painful relationships you know in your bones that there is a new way for you now.  


If you are yearning to live deeper within your own feminine heart and explore the inherent wisdom that is waiting to be expressed through you as unabashed joy, delicious enjoyment, unapologetic confidence and fierce love. 


If you want to create a vibrant, healthy, and vital body by deeply nourishing the ecology of your own being.


If you are nervous about the time, financial and emotional commitment we encourage you to look within and ask yourself "if I keep doing the same things as I am; will I get new results?"


If you are like both Katharina and Jennifer, and you also have an adventurous spirit that craves new vistas, new delicacies and new inner and outer challenging experiences that deeply touch and change you.  


Experiences for Body and Soul will include:


  • Deep connection with the earth elements of fire, wind, water, earth

  • Moon rituals

  • Exquisite fresh/organic food & nourishment 

  • Ceremonies for honoring your ancestors

  • Sacred sharing circles exploring topics such as :
    -feminine power/radiance/sensuality/sexuality/
    -feminine herbs to balance our inner ecology  

       -gut/brain health as a foundation for true vitality


You RECEIVE all these and more:


  • Land transfers to and from the city of Cusco.

  • Guided tour of  Ancient Incan sites honoring the elements

  • Delicious evening meal in Cusco. 

  • Sacred ceremonies honoring the spirit of the elements and the lands people including a sacred Q’ero Coco leaf ceremony. 

  • Free time and choices to explore local farming communities

  • Full access to the exquisite and powerful Wilkka Tika retreat and cultural center including the unique Chakra gardens, healing yoga and meditations spaces and tastefully appointed rustic luxury that has been consciously curated over the past 30 years. 

  • Delectable, fresh, locally grown organic vegetarian meals. 

  • Guided journeys to local markets and the precious school(s) that are supported by attending Wilkka Tika’s center giving children solid education and opportunities. 

  • The chance to contribute directly to the lives of the local families lives through donations or purchasing handmade items created before your very eyes. 

  • Free time to enjoy the professional local healers at the center who offer massages, special body and energy healing sessions. 

  • Guided hikes to Macchu Piccu and sacred temples in the high mountains with insight and information to enlighten your experience. 

 PLUS Katharina and Jennifer’s Teachings; 

  • Daily customized sacred yoga and movement practices with relevant meditations and insightful dialogue and learning with Jennifer and Katharina

  • Special discussions and discovery around the gut and brain connection for your well being on all levels. Learning how to support our internal ecology is an essential part of contributing to the greater ecology. 

  • Experiences to cultivate and fully integrate your own personal feminine ecology. 

  • Personal coaching 30 minutes with Jennifer and Katharina to address what is current for you. 

  • Complimentary eco-pure bug juice (repellant)

  • A specially designed final evening meal and ceremony of completion and celebration. 


The Setting for "Deep Ecology of the Feminine"

  • The sacred land and centre includes an indoor ceremonial temple.

  • World class unique Chakra Gardens 

  • An outdoor ceremonial fire pit, set in the gardens and used by visiting Andean ritual specialists, available for nighttime gatherings. 

  • The staff at this 30 year old one-of-a-kind intentional retreat center employees almost solely local staff from nearby villages in the spirit of reciprocity (Aini; we will learn more about this).  Our experiences from pillow to mountain will be honored through a shared tip from each person for the staff to oversee and invest in their lives. This will be a generous and touching experience in itself. 

  • We will also have the opportunity to contribute or gift the local elementary schools with useful items or your precious time.  Details to follow.

What your package DOES NOT include:


  • Flights to and from Cusco, Peru

  • Health and travel insurance (mandatory)

  • Personal purchases at the markets or cities. 

  • Two meals in Cusco on each end of the trip. 

  • Any bodywork, healing or other on site sessions. (These are unique and professionally delivered)

  • Any extra days booked in the area before or after the week

  • Mandatory $100 usd each for tipping the local employed staff at Wilkka Tika. 

Current full price investment is $3999usd

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  • We will enjoy the blessing and challenge of no alcohol, recreational drugs or other alterrants allowed. Period. 

  • All participants will be required to fill out a health history form before confirmation of registration. 

  • Previous yoga, movement or other experience not needed HOWEVER, a baseline of fitness and health is highly recommended before embarking upon such a journey to the high altitudes of the center and beyond. 

  • You will be supported and encouraged to prepare on all levels before the trip in order to make the most of this investment. 

  • You will be supported by phone or email for 30 days following the journey by Jennifer or Katharin to assist you in integrating and living the transformations that have taken place. 

  • Adults 19 years and older.  (Pre trip phone call required)

  • There is limited access to the internet at Willka Tika which is the good news. We are intentionally unplugging from this pernicious and damaging frequency to enhance your heailing.

  • Rest assured you’ve made a life changing choice, begin your research about flights and any extra days or events you may like to include in your lifetime trip. 

  • Invite a friend, coworker, yoga buddy, mom, sister, aunty, daughter, grandma!  Experiences such as these are doubly powerful when shared with loved ones.  

  • Know that life long friendships can be forged in powerful times and events such as these.  Awesome!

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Congratulations for stepping into your life...

now we will have a discovery call for questions and concerns. 

Either Katharina or Jennifer will contact you to set up a time. 

In ancient cultures when you were sick,