How often have you realized ‘you’re not getting any younger?” 

How many times have you said “I should really make health a priority as I age?”

How often are you shocked to realize “ you’re NOT 29 any longer?” 


I get it!  Passing my 54th birthday awakened in me just how short the ‘runway’ is and that

 when I choose to invest in my health everyday in small yet significant ways; like compound interest in the bank, the Return on Investment would grow exponentially. 


I realized that without my mental health, and I’ve been down a serious road of mental health challenges marked by major depression and anxiety; making life unbearable and not fun!   More on that later and what worked to change this for good.  


I used to say (ahum, excuses ahead…) 

  • I used to be so fit and loved the gym 

  • I used to have tons of energy

  • I used to think clearly and calmly and even multi-task

  • Yoga classes are so crowded, expensive and full of bendy bodies (20 year old ones with Lululemon gear…)

  • I am just so busy (code for ‘taking care of others first is more important’)

  • Where do I even start?  

  • My habits are so ingrained.. How do I turn this ship around? 


Without physical strength, mobility and agility I could too easily end up with a ‘walker’ much earlier than my 80s and begin be hunched over and even struggling to get on and off the toilet.  Do you know that is one of the ‘deciding factors’ in a seniors life around living at home or in a facility? 


I  freely admit that inconsistency and distractions have been my gremlins only too often however now that I am reaping the rewards of well established practises for body,mind and spirit there is no stopping me as I forge ahead into my mid-50s and well beyond with energy, creativity, vitality, courage and adventure.  


  • I believe in simplifying not complicating our lives

  • I believe that investing in health NOW is the ultimate investment and brings the greatest REWARDS

  • I believe that mid-life is the perfect time to take control of the one thing you can control; your inner and outer health. 

  • I believe in being an asset to my family; not a growing liability  and that I am solely responsible for how I create that.


Over the past 3 years I’ve developed the “Movement as Medicine Monthly Membership” and I’m inviting you to be one of the first to experience the transformative effects. 


It’s a monthly program with a menu of options that I am going to personally lead you through.  I’ll be sharing ALL my tricks, tools, insights, practises so you will establish and maintain the best health you can for years to come. 


You’ll get the following:

  1. 4 @ 45 minute Yoga/ Movement as Medicine classes. 

  2. 4 @ 25 minute Yoga/Movement as Medicine classes.

  3. 4 Sumptuous Seasonal recipe for Vitality and Energy

  4. 4 Self Care routines for the mornings. 

  5. 4 @ 10 minute Meditations/ Mindfulness practices for the mornings. 


Themes of the classes above will be, but are not limited to:

  1. “Releasing Your Wings”:  Shoulder and neck relief

  2. “Happy Back”:  Lower back ease and comfort

  3. “Take a Load Off”:  Restorative stress relief

  4. “Headaches be gone”:  Approaches to headache relief

  5. “Getting Unstuck”:  The magic of Twists

  6. “Staying Grounded amidst Chaos”:  Standing poses

  7. “Middle Management”:  Core stability and Ab strength

  8. “Clearing the Fog”: Stopping overwhelm

  9. “Staying Engaged”: No more laziness….

  10.  “SPECIAL Seasonal Sanity” bonus classes during the holiday times. 


I am looking for those who want to ‘steer the ship’ towards something sustained and powerful while gaining access anywhere, anytime on your schedule. 


FAQ’s ​

  1. What if I’ve never done yoga before?  - GREAT!  No time like now to start. You will find my classes are well suited for any level of student from rank beginner to more advanced. Each instruction gives many options and errs on the side of easier.  

  2. Are the recipes always vegetarian or vegan?  - No the recipes will be inclusive of healthy meat options so you can choose how you wish to create the dish. 

  3. How long are the self care routines in the mornings?  Brief and easily integrated because they are often coupled with typical morning routines however these bring greater positive health benefits. 

  4. Are the meditations religious? -  No these meditations are universal, practical and designed to support brain and nervous system/ emotional health regardless of beliefs, religion or personal preferences. 

  5. Do I need a lot of equipment for the classes?  - No.  A basic yoga mat is where you can start and Yes there are some excellent props/tools that will make your practise safe, accessible and enjoyable.  In order of relative importance here is what I suggest (Amazon has all these items)  

  • Two foam brick blocks

  • Cotton strap (or an old tie, fabric strap or light long towel works)

  • Large cotton blanket (best for improvising bolsters, doesn’t slip and is cozy too) See this video all about props (link inserted)

  • Cotton bolster (actually a GREAT top of the list item) (Get one 9”x”29 or 6”x22”)

  • Eye pillow (great for bedtime too. Comes with or without lavender for aromatherapy

Quote-  “Today and everyday I choose to increase my value by investing in the only true wealth; my health.”  


I want you to know that your gentle voice and generous manner on those CDS helped me feel better and less alone on some very dark days.”  Carole 


Jennifer, I have used your audio yoga classes for 15 years and absolutely love love love them still.  It’s like you’re in the room with me, your instruction is so clear and easy to follow.” Scott M. 

Where do I access the classes and other offers?


These are all hosted here on Namastream. 


As a member you will have access to everything 24/7 , even on your phone if need be. 


The investment for the BETA version of MidLIfe Manifesto Monthly Membership program.  

 is $28.99 per month 


Enrolment is open December 15th  


Click join now.